I was born in Deva town from Romania, Transilvania region, being the only child of a neo-protestant evangelical Christian family. Several months before I was born, my mother received the news that she was suffering from a „heart disease” that would not allow her to bear any children, but because there was nothing they could do about me, the doctors decided to be born through chirurgical intervention. The illness of my mother was the reason for which she had to give up her job and my father was forced to work supplementary hours to maintain his family.

        Since I was a little child, I was taken to the religious services of the church, to which my parents went to, where they were actively implied in the chorus. From childhood, I felt an attraction for music; at home, I was singing religious songs with my mother in duet and when I was six years old, my parents inscribed me at the Music School from town. Due to the fact that my mother stayed with me at home, there was no need to go to a kindergarten and I was very emotive in the presence of the persons from teaching environment. The exam of admission at the Music School required from me the presentation of a little song and a rhythmic test. Because I was not accustomed to express myself in an unfamiliar environment, I began to cry and I refused to enter in the examination room. While my mother was trying to calm me, a violin teacher came and she took us in another room of the school where there was a piano, she began to play something and then she asked me to repeat vocally the notes she played and in this way she noticed my musical abilities. In this manner I was considered „admitted”.

         After the examination, my parents were obliged to choose the study instrument for me. There were two possibilities: violin or piano. I would have wanted piano, but because the financial resources of my parents were limited and my parents could not afford to buy a piano (the piano being compulsory for who wanted to study this instrument), they chose the violin. Of course, I was distributed to the teacher with who I gave the exam. In this way, I followed with success the courses of the music school from my town until the VIII class. Because in the communist regime it was quite difficult to obtain a qualification in education if you belonged to a neo-protestant religious cult and because there was no Music High School, I was obliged to follow a high school with industrial profile. Before turning 18 years I was already employed in a factory and I practiced music for pleasure, the practice in the musical field being self-educated. Because I was attracted from childhood by the polyphonic instruments and harmony, I taught myself to play the accordion, the guitar and the piano. During the religious services of the church I accompanied at organ the common song, the chorus and a group of young men. My passion was to accompany as diverse as possible and if possible more complex each time.

         In 1992, I married with Estera, the most beatiful singer of the group of young men from church and after a year our first child was born. After the changing of the communist regime from Romania, a Music High School has been established in my town, so that the four children of ours ( one boy and three girls) began the studies in the musical domain.


         At the request of some friends I began to harmonize certain melodies and so my passion for music received new dimensions. The harmonization I realize express the music I hear when I listen a melody and due to the actual technical performances the transcription of the musical notes on a sheet of paper is easier. To facilitate the theoretical and practical education of our children, we changed the residence in Cluj-Napoca town, where they study the music. Our boy has been matriculated at the Music Academy from Cluj-Napoca at violoncello, two of girls study the harp and the youngest one studies at the Music High School from Cluj-Napoca.

        I especially appreciate the persons who prepare themselves in the musical domain and who utilize the „gift” of the music to glorify the God. I wish that through the music you listen or practice to become better, more sensible and more loving.


Titi Demian